Family Company

As a family, we have been in the pet industry for over 20 years. Its been a pleasure servicing our loyal International customers with the best quality 100% genuine pet medications.

We are animal lovers

As animal lovers of all pets, we know and understand your needs, in puppy care, puppy training, kitten care, kitten training, dog care, dog training, cat care, rabbit care, fish care, bird care, ferret care, rat and mouse care, guinee pig care, budgie health care, parrot care, budgie care, dog owners guide: canine worms, parasitic worms found in dogs, dog owners guide: canine worms dog worms, tapeworm and roundworm, hookworm in dogs and puppies in the intestinal tract, cat owners guide, feline worms cat worms tapeworm and roundworm and hookworms in cats and kittens in the intestines.

Pets Mega Supplies sells a wide range of quality animal health care products and supplies designed for the requirements of our customers. Dogs, Cats, horses are our main focus.

As lovers of all pets, we know and understand your needs. We are specialists in the area of ‘off the shelf’ medicine – treatments for canine diseases, and feline diseases caused by intestinal dog worms and Intestinal Cat worms, such as inflamed bowel caused by Whipworms, Sparganosis caused by zipper worms, or hydatids caused by Hydatid Tape Worm, as well as dog and cat diseases of the skin that can be caused by dog fleas and cat fleas biting your pets, such as flea allergy dermatitis.

You can email Pets Mega Supplies with any questions you may have on parasitic dog worms and parasitic cat worms, as well as parasitic dog fleas and parasitic cat fleas. You will receive a prompt professional and informative reply giving you the solution you are looking for to clear up your dog or cats parasitic worm problem, or your dog or cats parasitic flea problem.

Products and Pet Supplies sold and recommended by Pets Mega Supplies for your pet or pets are from reputable leading brand International companies such as Bayer Animal Health, Virbac, Pfizer, Forte Dodge, Aristopet, Kra-mar, Beau Pets, Hagen, Wardley’s, Mavlab, Merial, & Vetafarm.

Important notice about counterfeit products

It has come to our attention there are counterfeit Frontline Plus and Advantage products being sold to the USA on the Internet. These have packaging resembling USA labeling. The main source of supply appears to be pet shops in the USA.

Pets Mega Supplies purchases all its veterinary products direct from the suppliers, who buy these products directly from the manufacturers such as Bayer and Merial.

Many of our products range are made overseas, e.g. Proheart (USA), Advantage (Germany). They are exactly the same product as in the country of origin with exactly the same childproof safety features and sizes.

Pets Mega supplies are able to sell products back to their country of origin at discounted rates because: The currency exchange rate favours overseas currencies i.e. more buying power.

Pets Mega Supplies does NOT sell counterfeit products – We 100% Guarantee This!